Fellowship Years: 1980 – 1982

Fellowship Area(s): Senegal, Gambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Sierra Leone

Africa Revisited

The New Curriculum

The Failing System

Mean Streets

Students in Command

Obstacles to Education

Ndanka, Ndanka

Rural Education

Politics and Education

My Little Brother

A Last Look at The Gambia

Primary and Secondary Education in Senegal and The Gambia

The White Man Myth


The Poets of Sierra Leone

Theater in Sierra Leone

The Press in Sierra Leone, part 1

The Press in Sierra Leone, part 2

The New Liberia

Two Trips Upcountry


Dwindling Christianity

Jackpots and Movies

Unhappy New Year

The Gambia Revisited

Functional Literacy

Tunnel at the End of the Light

The Cost of Cocoa

In Search of a Middle Class

A Tale of Corruption

Ah, Ghana

At the Center of West Africa

Feeding the Babies

Saving the Children

The Bet

Lagos and Other Cities

Try, Try, Try Again

Nigeria’s Rules of Law

Showdown for the Press

Television: The Next Battlefront

Reflections from a Train Window

Lost Horizons

Rural Women in Zimbabwe Speak Out

A Footloose American Finds Happiness as a Zimbabwean Schoolmarm

Zimbabwe Students Build Their Own Schools

In Zimbabwe, the Struggle for Land Continues

Mugabe’s Slow Move Toward Socialism

Looking at Animals

Wildlife Management Aids Rural Development

Tanzania: No Answers


Tanzania Will Try Co-Ops Again

Of Coffee and Co-ops

Dinner in South Africa