Fellowship Years: 1954-1956

Fellowship Topic: The cultures and people of Peru

Fellowship Area: Peru

First Days in Peru

The Oasis City

The Centro Mterno-lnfantil

Peruvian Economy and Foreign Capital

Foreign Investment in Peru

The Rains and No Carnavalon

Vivienda I

The Ilo Canneries

Introduction to the Coca Problem

Education: A Teacher’s Criticism

Arequipa by Hindsight

Reaction to the Argentine Revolution

Cuzco: The Look of the Land

Fiesta at Paucartambo

The Hacienda of Kusipata



Introduction to the Montana

Transportation: I

Transportation: II Peruvian Highways

Quincemil and Maldonado

The Day of the Dead


CREAS II: Problems and Progress

Cuzco: A Final Look

The Indians of Puno



The Maryknolls

Politics and Possibilities: I

Politics and Possibilities: II The Law of Internal Security

Politics and Possibilities: III Electoral Statute Revision, Amnesty and a Civil Cabinet

Revolt in lquitos

Design for the Future

The President’s Speech

The Political Vacuum

Signs of the Times

Northern Opinions

Pre-election Notes

The Callejon and the Santa