In Turbulent Times, One Source Keeps Brazil Laughing

Forbes – Past ICWA Fellow Shannon Sims reports on Sensacionalista, a Brazilian satirical paper that could be compared to The Onion.  According to Sims, the political and economic situation in Brazil is tough and “as the political scandals multiply and surpass anything seen in a House of Cards script, Brazilians are sharing Sensacionalista’s

Chi-Chi Zhang Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 2013-2015 Topic: China’s next generation and its role in the country’s political, economic and social development Fellowship Area: China Young Voices from the Tibetan Plateau When Friends Become Family: A New Migrant Generation China’s Lab Experiment in Urbanization Story of a Nail House The Left-Behind Children

The Mysterious Case Of The Shrinking Brazilian Easter Egg

Forbes – In her latest article, past Fellow Shannon Sims examines Brazil’s incredibly popular chocolate Easter eggs in a new context; economics. A recent economic crash has caused the value of one Brazilian real to shrink from 50 U.S. cents to 25 cents and in conjunction the average size of a Brazilian chocolate Easter egg has shrunk

Finding Altata: the Slow Change for the Fishers

“Whatever you do, don’t go to Altata.” These were the last words we heard as we cast off our dock lines in Guaymas. We were about to sail 300 miles with limited charts but plentiful warnings—with the goal of getting to this near-mythical town protected by a bar that might as well have been filled with dragons. Before we could reach Altata’s

The Paper, the Pen, and the President

7 March 2016 One Sunday in January, Islam Gawish was running late. The 26-year-old cartoonist, famous for sardonic stick figures published on his viral Facebook page “El-Warka” or “The Paper,” was due at the Cairo International Book Fair for a friend’s book launch. But at midday, a group of police investigators burst into the Egypt News Network,

Soldiers and Sultans between Balochistan and Oman

Above my desk in Muscat, a large classroom map of Asia hangs from two brass rivets. It’s an old map — yellowed, crinkled, and creased where it was once folded and kept in a teacher’s desk. While there’s no date listed on the map, it’s from sometime in the interwar years: in West Asia, the former Ottoman Empire is a patchwork of dotted lines

Hezbollah Claims a ‘Nuclear Option’ in Tense Standoff with Israel

The Daily Beast – In a new article, past ICWA Fellow Neri Zilber delves into the topic of the Israeli-Hezbollah cold war and what the next escalation in Lebanon might look like. Zilber writes, “Like the historic global battle between East and West, this more localized Middle Eastern version sees both Israel and Hezbollah preparing tenaciously

Update from La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

We are nestled into the tropical marina here in La Cruz, a slice of civilization like we haven’t seen in quite a while. We are tucked into beautiful Banderas Bay, which is surrounded by tall, jungle clad mountains–a real treat after seeing only coastal plane for the past few months. There is a big sailing community here, and many sailors

Mad Magazines

Harper’s Magazine – In a feature released this month, Fellow Jonathan Guyer writes about the role of underground comics in Egypt. The piece focuses on cartoonist and satirist Mohamed Andeel, one of  four founders of Tok Tok, the zine that launched a politicized comics movement in the country. The feature is available online to Harper’s

The Business End of Palestinian Despair

The Times of Israel – In a featured blog post, past Fellow Neri Zilber discusses the grim economic realities of the most recent wave of violence between Israel in Palestine. Many attacks are perpetrated by young Palestinians who defy categorization; they come from a variety of economic, social, and political backgrounds without a unifying leader