Fellowship Years: 1990 – 1992

Fellowship Area(s): Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Germany, England

Afghanistan and Empire: A Historic Overview

Afghanistan at the Crossroads” Internal Dimensions of War and Peace

Berlin: In Search of History

You Can’t Go Home Again

Portrait of Peshawar

What Money Can’t Buy: Refugee Assistance and Anti-Aanericanism

Cultural Survival: The Tibetans in Nepal

New Year in Nepal

Flight from the Thundering Dragon: Refugee Stories from Bhutan

Marching Toward democracy Nepali voters go to the polls

Exiles from the Land of Snows: Survey of a Tibetan Refugee Community

Making the Move Repatriation of Afghan Refugees

Frontier Odyssey: Up the Khyber

Biting the Hand…

The Man Who Liked His Wife Too Much

Behind the Veil

Among the Infidels

The Farting Snow Leopard: and Other Tales from the Kaffir

Musical Interludes

Night Letters

Land of the Killer Kites

Gulbadeen Hekmatyar: In Person

On Location with Zargul

Troubled Paradise

Kalash Rites of,Spring

Songs of the Kalash

Progress and Culture” The Kalash Struggle o Survive.

Living On Hope


Testing the Limits

Radio Days for Refugees

Slave Trade: Trafficking of Women and Children in Pakistan

Pakistan’s Ethnic Divide

A Winter Solstice

The Last Emeperor