Kay Dilday Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 2006-2008 Fellowship Topic: The relationships of French and North African immigrants in France and in North Africa Fellowship Area: France, Morocco Knocking on France’s Door The Good Immigrant Street Life in Fes Particularism Summer of Sarko To Be or Not to Be African The Republic Rap Gets Political World Islam on Trial: French Muslims, Charlie Hebdo […]

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L. Carl Brown Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1960-1962 Fellowship Topic: North Africa Fellowship Area: Sudan, Morrocco, & Tunisia Tunisia: Education, “Cultural Unity” and the Future Sudan: Old Memories and the New Reality Sudan: The Southern Provinces Sudan: The Philosophy of a Revolution Morocco: The End of an Era Colonization — A Second Look The Bizerte Affair The Left-Wing Intellectual — Moroccan Style The […]

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Charles F. Gallagher Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1956 – 1960 Fellowship Area(s): Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon A Moroccan Political Party: The Istiqlal A Note on North Africa Two Tunisias: The Plan for the Development of the Center-South Morocco’s Crises Come to a Head The American School of Tangier North Africa: 1956 Modern Medicine in North Africa The New Look in Morocco […]

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