Katherine Roth Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1993-1995 Fellowship Topic: Tradition and Modernity in the Arab World. Fellowship Area: Saudi Arabia, France, Algeria, Yemen, Egypt Untitled Things in Algeria are seldom what they seem It was the unlikeliest of reunions Welcome to the wild west of Algeria Islam and women Arabization Changing Times in Cairo Turning inward Islamists:

Richard Mathews Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1962 – 1963 Fellowship Area(s): Northern Africa Partition For Algeria? Ben Youssef ben Khedda Conrad and the Congo The Line Angolan Nationalism: The Two Main Trends

Charles F. Gallagher Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1956 – 1960 Fellowship Area(s): Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon A Moroccan Political Party: The Istiqlal A Note on North Africa Two Tunisias: The Plan for the Development of the Center-South Morocco’s Crises Come to a Head The American School of Tangier North Africa: 1956 Modern Medicine in North Africa The