Fellowship Years: 1956 – 1960

Fellowship Area(s): Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon

A Moroccan Political Party: The Istiqlal

A Note on North Africa

Two Tunisias: The Plan for the Development of the Center-South

Morocco’s Crises Come to a Head

The American School of Tangier

North Africa: 1956

Modern Medicine in North Africa

The New Look in Morocco

Unemployment and Underemployment in Morocco

Fao and Morocco

The Algerian Question

The Royal City of Tangier

What Price Algeria?

H.M. the King

Thoughts from Tunis

Bourguibism and the Tunisian Position

Fuel for the Fire: Oil and the Future of The Sahara

The Moroccanization of Morocco

A passage to France

Reconduction and its Repercussions

A Long Week

The State of the Union

A Note on North Africa

North Africa and the Middle East Crisis

The Referendum in Algeria

Morocco Goes Back to School

New Economic Plans for Algeria

New Laws for Old: The Moroccan Code of Personal status

Observations on Moroccan Political and Economic Problems

The Attractive American

The Arab League in Casablanca

The Evolving Moroccan Political Scene:Ben Barka and the National Union

The Algerians in Switzerland

In the Wake of the Revolution

The United Arab Republic Today, Part I: The Liberation of Egypt