Taking the Mickey Out of Terrorism

Sydney Morning Herald – ICWA Fellow Jonathan Guyer is quoted in a recent Australian article on Arab humor.  In the piece, Jonathan describes his observations of the cultural scene in Egypt, saying, “the one thing I find really singular in Egypt is this kind of black humour … in any of the myriad of tragedies that occur there is often

No, It’s Not Another Intifada

Politico –  In his latest piece past Fellow Neri Zilber discusses the recent violence in Jerusalem from a new angle.  In “No, It’s Not Another Intifada,” Zilber explores what is not happening in Jerusalem and delves into some reasons why Palestinians are not rising up in a Third Intifada. Zilber explains that although there

Comics Festivals Across the Middle East

This fall, ICWA is doodling its way across the Middle East. Fellow Jonathan Guyer recently participated in Le Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d’Alger, the region’s premier comic con. Speaking on a plenary session entitled “Dis le mois en bulles: La Bande Dessinée et le Dessin dans le monde arabe,” he joined Algerian

Ten Borders

The New Yorker – Staff writer and past ICWA Fellow Nicholas Schmidle traces the incredible journey of one Syrian refugee in his latest piece. Gahith, a Syrian law student, fled his home country and traveled across Europe, encountering other refugees, smugglers, police brutality, and mores, crossing ten borders before reaching eventually Sweden.

The Mosque in the Cathedral

The Economist – Recent Fellow Malia Politzer has written a new piece for the Economist about the the mosque-cathedral of Córdoba. The article explores accusations claiming that the Catholic Church has taken over the mosque-cathedral, rebranding it as a cathedral only, and has obscured its Muslim history. For those who followed Malia’s

Rescuing Girls, Investing in Girls: a Critique of Development Fantasies

Past  Fellow Cynthia Caron’s recent academic article, written with Shelby A. Margolin, has been gaining media attention for its findings on girl-centered development initiatives. The research paper, “Rescuing Girls, Investing in Girls: a Critique of Development Fantasies,” delves into the effects of campaigns designed to foster

Best Bad Idea for America in Syria

CNN – In his latest article, Andrew Tabler writes about the deteriorating situation in Syria. Four years after the crisis began Syria is the world’s largest generator of Sunni-Shia extremism, both Russia and Iran are moving into the country militarily and the possible courses of action for the United States in Syria continue to worsen.

To Make Love Last, What If We Should Stop Working so Hard?

The Washington Post – In a recent post at PostEverything, past Fellow Eve Fairbanks muses on making love last. She describes the rising trend of articles that serve as how-to manuals for falling and staying in love, but wonders, after a trip to Kenya, if such concerted efforts really are the key to a successful romantic life.  This latest

Egypt’s Intellectual Situation

September 17, 2015 Painter Adel El-Siwi leads me through his workspace on the fourth floor of a downtown Cairo apartment building. His hands, cargo shorts, pink T-shirt, and Crocs are splattered with paint. Shelves of art, literature, and philosophy books reach the high ceiling. Across the corridor, massive canvases face the wall like unopened presents.

It’s a Small Sea After All: La Paz to Puerto Escondido

No paved roads, no power lines, no fresh water. As we set the main sail and aim north, we travel into one of the most remote areas in North America. From above, this coast looks void of human influence. A typical US coastal square kilometer contains 200 people. On average, only two souls inhabit each kilometer along the coast we will sail. Over the