Fellowship Years: 1997 – 1999

Fellowship Area(s): China

Along the Way to Guizhou: Impressions from Shanghai to Southwest China

Colorful Guizhou

The Spirit of Daguan Village: Leadership and Poverty (Part 1)

Leading on Poverty’s Front Line: Leadership and Poverty (Part 2)

One in Fifty Million: Traveling with China’s Migrant Labor – Interior China and the Coast (Part 1)

Common Prosperity – Interior China and the Coast (Part 2)

Great Walls, Panda Bears and Fractured Illusions: American Images of China

A Day in the Life of Shui Jianhua: Report from Splendid Village

Coping with Reform in Guizhou’s Industrial Rust Belt

A Walk into the Past: Hiking the Long March

Home-Cured Tobacco: A Tale of Three Generations in a Chinese Village

Reason to Hope: China Youth Development Foundation

Sprouts in a Hard Place: Principal Bi and the “P—” Word

“Field of Dreams”: Tourism in Guizhou Province

“Hey, Coolie!”: Local Migrant Labor

Somewhere Between Here and There

The Dragon’s Roar: Traveling the Burma Road

Still a Song to Sing?: Modernization and Guizhou’s Ethnic Minority Traditions

Behind the Smile: Guizhou’s Reaction to the Chinese Embassy Bombing

Matters of the Heart…and the Nation

They Call Me “Brother”: Report from Big Nest Village -1

Team Water Buffalo: Report from Big Nest Village -2

“Real China”: U.S. Congress Visits Guizhou

Golfing in Guiyang: Playing with Guizhou’s Affluent