Fellowship Years: 1961 – 1965

Fellowship Area(s): South Africa, Brazil, Malawi, Rhodesia, Swaziland, Lesotho

First Impressions: The Importance of Afrikaans

First Impressions: A Trip to Namaqueland

The Republic’s First General Election

Transkei: Land of Pain and Promise

The Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk Comes to the Transkei

Independence for the Transkel

Mrs. Helen Suzman: Lone Progressive

The Problem of Fittlng People to Words

The Mechanics of Systematic Separation

A Look at the Coloured Community

General Laws Amendment The “Sabotage Bill”

An Interview with ex-Chief Luthuli

Impressions of Zululand


The Zanzlbari Arabs of South Africa

The Indian Community

Gandhi’s Spirit in South Africa

Sabotage Act, a review

The Underground War

The Mandela Trial

Sir Roy Welensky

Nyasaland: Transition to the African State of Malawi

The Peace Corps in Nyasaland


Southern Rhodesia

Constitutional Council: Watchdog of Liberty in Southern Rhodesia

African politics in Southern Rhodesia: Nkomo vs. Sithole

The Hope for Change in South Africa

First Impressions

A first look at race relations

Interview with a young politician

Some students discuss the United States

Brazil and Africa: A New Policy?

Brazil’s Indian Service

The Favelas

Education in Brazil

How Brazilian is Brazil?