Fellowship Years: 2001-2003

Fellowship Topic: Gender dynamics and equality

Fellowship Area: Argentina

Spaceship to Argentina: Observations Upon Landing

Spaceship to Argentina: Observations Upon Landing II

The End of Machismo? Women in the Argentine Senate Boost Their Number Six-fold–And No One Blinks an Eye

A Seizure or a Birth? Pots Clang, a President Falls and 30 Die as Argentines Say “Enough!”

Gender and Economic Crisis: Exploring Unemployment, Families and Pain in Buenos Aires

Exploring Gender and Adolescence Among Buenos Aires Teens

Working-Class, Argentine House-Husband Bucks All the Stereotypes

Beyond Buenos Aires: Tripping Over the Crisis in the Patagonia and Gender Lessons In the Argentine Northwest

Gender and Participatory Democracy: Men and Women Cry Out Together: “Never Again ‘Don’t Get Involved!’”

Gender Dynamics Among the Organized Unemployed: “We are not Piqueteros.”

A Puzzle Whose Pieces Do Not Fit Together: The Anguish and the Wonder of Being a Gender Fellow in Argentina

Six Reasons To Believe: “In this Country Anything Can Happen”

Mobile Mountain Ranges and Bellowing Cows: When Argentina Makes News, Read With Care

One Year After Pot-Banging Argentines

Understanding the Economic Crisis: How Did Argentina Get Into this Mess?

“Because We Believe Another Argentina is Necessary and Possible” Solutions to the Economic Crisis

A Far-off War Permeates Life in Buenos Aires: Argentines Lead the Entire World In Opposition to the War in Iraq

Exploring Solutions to Argentina’s Political Crisis: Transforming a Supreme Court That Blackmails the President

Exploring Solutions to Argentina’s Political Crisis III: Rays of Hope for This Country of Discredited Politicians, Passive Middle-Class, and Frayed Social Fabric

Final Report