Fellowship Years: 1993-1995

Fellowship Topic: Tradition and Modernity in the Arab World.

Fellowship Area: Saudi Arabia, France, Algeria, Yemen, Egypt


Things in Algeria are seldom what they seem

It was the unlikeliest of reunions

Welcome to the wild west of Algeria

Islam and women


Changing Times in Cairo

Turning inward

Islamists: My first six months

Out of Algeria

No hope

The Algerian Islamic Salvation Front

Death and Hope in Syria

War in Yemen Felix

Algeria: What went wrong?

War and Change in Yemen.

Islamic: The Other Chic.

And nbw for something a little different…

What Saudi and Yemeni Religious Authorities had to say about the Yemen war

Islamic Rumblings in the Kingdom of Saud

Afghanistan and the Yemeni Jihad: A Surprising Visit to Post-war Aden, Part 1

The Islamist: My Past Six Months