Fellowship Years: 2004-2006

Fellowship Topic: German Art

Fellowship Area: Germany

Lost on Rosenthalerstraße: An Introduction to Berlin Through its Architecture

“Wir sind das Volk”: Monday Demonstrations 1989 and Today

What’s in a Name? The Friedrich Christian Flick Collection and the Story of One German Family

Not Yet Europe, Part One

Not Yet Europe, Part II

Art and Terror

48 Hours in Leipzig

Berlin’s Bread and Butter: Selling Street “Cred”

Finding a Hypothesis in the City of Failed Plans: The New House on Auguststraße

Democratic Indecision: Germany’s Two Chancellors

An American, Abroad

The Shrinking of Eastern Germany

Losing the Palast: The Demolition of Berlin’s Most Promising Kunsthalle

Life and Death on Auguststraße: The Fourth Berlin Biennale

German Film and the Waning of Ostalgie

The A-Train to Kreuzberg

Laura Horelli: Berlin as One Artist’s Muse

The Return of the German Flag

101 Questions