Chandler R. Rosenberger Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1992 – 1995 Fellowship Area(s): Czechoslovakia, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Italy, Moldova, Romania, Kosovo Who Lost Slovakia? Whither Pannonia? Slovakia’s “Kulturkampf” The Education of a President “Greater Albania: Kosovo and surrounds” (“Adventures in Slobostan,” Part Two) Kosice: City-State in a Nation-State

Casey C. Kelso Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1991 – 1994 Fellowship Area(s): Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, England Diamonds and democracy in Botswana A hitchhiker’s guide to the cows and crops of Botswana Odds and ends of Botswana experience A Bushman’s land is worth many cattle in the bush Namibia’s victorious “returnees” live more

Alejandro Fogel Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1992 Fellowship Area(s): Argentina The Incas Road: “Love” in Times of Cholera The Incas Road: Beginning of the Road The Incas Road: Last Tambo in Mendoza The Incas Road: Sacred Sanctuaries

Thomas Goltz Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1991 – 1993 Fellowship Area(s): Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey December 20th 1990-February 4th 1991 Notes and Impressions after initial reconnaissance trip to Tashkent and Uzbekistan Let Them Eat Ego! The Reflections of a Kurdish Relief Volunteer A Survey of the Seattle-Tashkent Sister-City Relationship Some Reflections

Dasa Obereigner Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1990 – 1992 Fellowship Area(s): Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia’s Return to Europe: A Rocky Road Tanks are Rolling Out, the Stones are Rolling In The Jews of Prague: a People Endure Education” Czechoslovakia has a Lot to Learn George Bush and the Republicans Out with the Old, in with the Unknown Generation ’68-’89 For

Carol V. Rose Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1990 – 1992 Fellowship Area(s): Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Germany, England Afghanistan and Empire: A Historic Overview Afghanistan at the Crossroads” Internal Dimensions of War and Peace Berlin: In Search of History You Can’t Go Home Again Portrait of Peshawar What Money Can’t Buy: Refugee Assistance and Anti-Aanericanism

Tyrone L. Turner Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1999 – 2000 Fellowship Area(s): Brazil Favela Family Market Hustlers Carnival and the Maracatu “Hitting the Streets” The Roda and Other Experiences Favela Tour Glue Kids Juazeiro do Parde Cícero Muribeca: The Making of a CD Cover and other Stories “Night Fishing” “A Smoldering Land” “Sugar Notes”

Stephen B. Maly Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1989 – 1991 Fellowship Area(s): Canada Shadows of Doubt A Sort-of Nation Tossed Salad? For Want of a Paul Revere North of Havana Crude Distillations In a State of Ambiguity The Distinct Society The Contingent State The Celtic Fringe A Profusion of Loyalties Rock of Ages 7 in Labrador Take Five Tree North (Part I) Indian Summer

Derek Paton Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1989 – 1991 Fellowship Area(s): Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria Untitled International Student Day Revolution, Euphoria, and Suicide After the Ball Untitled Vladimir Merta Body and Soul Sofia’s Not My Choice, Part 1 Bulgaria, Part 2 Bulgaria, Part 3 Another Rocker of the Revolution, Part 4 Bulgaria, Part 5 Untitled Vladimir Rencin:

Arthur Getz Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1989 – 1991 Fellowship Area(s): Japan, USA Small Town Economics West and East Urban Foodsheds Community Supported Agriculture Community Supported Agriculture: Nuts and Bolts Cultural Re-entry Japanese Farmer-Consumer Co-partnerships: “Teikei”