Fellowship Years: 1958 – 1963

Fellowship Area(s): Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Austria, Italy

First Impressions: A Tale of Three Cities

Veterans of ’56: I

Veterans of ’56: II: The Agencies Tangible Conscience of the West

Veterans of ’56: III: The Younger Generation

The Search for a Birthday

A Christmas Interlude

The Third Force?

Hasi and Proporz

The Fasching Revolution

Who is an Austrian?

The Miracle of Viability

The Mother’s Day Election

The Mother’s Day Election – 2

The “Second Cyprus”: South Tyrol

Autonomy, Public Housing and Andreas Hofer

What Language Does the Postman Speak?

Book-larnin’ in the South Tyrol

Silvius Magnago: The Harder Line in South Tyrol

Politicians and People

The South Tyrol Conclusions

Sebastian Maier

Festival and Anti-Festival: World Youth in Vienna

Between Two Worlds: Austria’s Burgenland

The Burgenland Landscapes and Local Problems

Other Borders, Other Minorities: The Croats of the Burgenland

TRIESTE: Too much to Die, Too Little to Live

TRIESTE : The Economic Dilemma

The Slovenes of Carinthia

Carinthia: Minority Politics and German Nationalism

Carinthia: How Many Slovenes?

Postscript to Three Letters: Gschnitzer and the Minorities


Waldviertel Blues

Liechtenstein: The Industrialized fairy-tale

South Tyrol Again: BAS, Bombs, and the One-Party State

My Friends The Marianis

Sommerfrische Sunday in South Tyrol

Terrorism in the South Tyrol 1961

Terrorism in the South Tyrol 1961 II: Responsibilities and Speculations

Terrorism in the South Tyrol 1961 III: Prospects for the Commission

Salveminl and American Education

The Italians of Yugoslavia: 1 Istria and How It Got That Way

The Italians of Yugoslavia: 2 Life and Times of Another Minority

The Italians of Yugoslavia: 3 Of a Young Writer and a First Novel


Bosnian Fragments I

Earthquake: Skopje the Morning After

Krushchev on the Adriatic

Bosnian Fragments II: Yugoslavia’s Moslems

The Price of Pluralism

The Yugoslav Concept of “All National Defense” – A Deterrence to Great Powers

Some Aspects of Migration and Urbanization in Yugoslavia

Crisis in Croatia Part I: Post-mortems after Karadjordjevo

A Note on Yugoslavia: 1972

Crisis in Croatia Part II: Facilis Decensus Averno

Crisis in Croatia Part III: The Road to Karadjordjevo

Slovenia: Modernization Without Urbanization?

Yugoslavia’s Return to Leninism

Some Observations Regarding “Charter 77” Part I: The Manifesto: Action, Reaction and Counterreaction

Some Observations Regarding “Charter 77” Part II: “Freedoms Great and Small”

Educational Reforms in Austria and Yugoslavia Part I

Nationalism Today: Carinthia’s Slovene Part I: The Legacy of History

Nationalism Today: Carinthia’s Slovene Part II: The Story of Article Seven

Nationalism Today: Carinthia’s Slovene Part III: “Let the Cat Die Quickly”

Yugoslav Domestic Developments

Otto Glockel and School Reform in Austria

Notes from a Yugoslav Party Congress

Yugoslavia and the World 1978

The Other Albania: Kosovo 1979 Part I: Problems and Prospects

The Other Albania: Kosovo 1979 Part II:   The Village, the Factory, and the Kosovars

After Tito…

The Cyprus Deadlock: Forever or Another Day?

Unfinished Business: The Yugoslav

Yugoslavia’s Muslim Nation

Yugoslavia’s First Post-Tito Party Congress Part I: Problems on the Agenda

Yugoslavia’s First Post-Tito Party Congress Part II: The Congress Copes

Yugoslavia 1983: Between

Reflections on Cold Wars: The 1983 Oslo Atlantic Defense Symposium